Monday, April 28, 2014

raculfright_13's Mexican VHS Collection (Videos)

Yesterday was a real dull day. It was cloudy in & out and I just finished eating a fried chicken dinner. After that, I attempted to watch The Human Monster, but it was terribly boring, so I turned it off. Then I figured well why not show off some of my Mexican VHS collection, like the cool stuff I got. So I pulled out the boxes that I have them in outta my closet (I have no shelves right now sadly) and started to show them off and recorded several video on my iphone. The videos came out okay, although I was pretty awkward at times since I have never really recorded a video of myself before. Still, I was quick and just showed the tapes off okay. I wasn't being boring or too weird. So, I hope you enjoy the videos and maybe I'll do more considering I still have other cool & not so cool Mexican tapes to show off. So yeah, enjoy!

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Burl said...

Ha ha, lots of great stuff there! Always entertaining to tour through somebody else's video collection!