Monday, February 3, 2014

Killer Blonde Dolls from India.

I assume talking blonde-haired dolls were quite the big thing in India during the early to mid 90's since there has been 3 movies involving these kinds of dolls. Of course, the dolls are far from friendly considering they kill people & all. So, here's a couple of killer doll movies from India I recently watched.

Also, The reason I'm writing about both these movies in one post is because they are basically similar to each other. Just different setting, language, cast, etc. 

Vaa Arugil Vaa (1991)
Vaa Arguil Vaa is basically Child's Play but with a slightly modified story. A woman is killed by her evil in-laws. Before dying; she transfers her spirit into a doll she was given by her husband. Years later, the husband is now married to another woman. The ex-wife possessed doll remains in his house and is alive. The doll starts killing the husband's family members and plots to murder the new wife brutally. Of course. 

I honestly wish I could of understood the movie 100%, but since I don't speak Tamil or had any access to English subtitles; I got by with what I assumed was going on. Vaa Arguil Vaa is quite the trippy movie since the doll is so cheap looking, but yet it still comes off pretty creepy when it speaks and moves its plastic eyes around. When it comes to "life", its just a little skinny person wearing a costume that looks like the doll. Its quite amusing really. I mean, I love just killer doll movies and I just love it when the dolls are portrayed by little people. Gah. I love that kind of shit (obviously).

Also, there's this musical scene where the leading actress is singing & dancing to an intense sounding song, at the same time we see the doll (blood & dirt smeared on its face) attacking & stabbing a guy. It all blended in so well. I loved it. 5/10.

Putuler Pratisodh (1998)
Putuler Pratisodh is basically a Bengali remake of Vaa Arguil Vaa. Similar plot, but with a more quirky attitude and colorful kills. I mean, who wouldn't want to die buried in tons of bags of rice? Or run over by your own car that is driven by a little doll. Speaking of the doll; the doll in Putuler is a lot scarier than in Vaa. The little person portraying the live doll wears an ugly doll mask and wears a cheap blonde wig. Amazing, huh? I actually liked Putuler slightly more than Vaa. I might even watch the 2-hour long movie all over again & again just for the heck of it. 6/10.

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