Sunday, October 27, 2013

Edna Bolkan's Killer Nightmare.

Schizo! Schizo! Schizo!

Claudia (Edna Bolkan) suffers from Schizophrenia. Her illness has ruined her marriage because it has lead her to believe that her husband was cheating on her with other women, but in reality he wasn't at all. Claudia files for divorce and takes the kids with her, but they get to see their father every little while. When Claudia is alone at home, she begins to 'see' a creepy woman in black creeping on her. This creepy woman in black wants to kill Claudia and even have Claudia kill people that enter her home. However, this creepy woman in black is not an illusion at all. She is for real and it is Claudia's best friend Rebecca (Lizetta Romo) doing this! Rebecca has Claudia fooled by drugging her tea with some psychedelic drug (wow). Now why is Rebecca even doing this for? Well, she wants to rid of Claudia so she can have her kids and get with her ex-husband. She was so jealous of Claudia back in the day and now she's trying to get what she wants by doing fucked up things. What a great friend.

Edna Bolkan was simply amazing in Pesadilla Asesina (aka "Killer Nightmare"). She can sure play crazy quite well and look good at the same time. Again, I must mention my admiration of her big cat eyes (wowza!). Now I wasn't a fan of Manuel Capetillo in the movie though, since I found his character to be so irrelevant and strange. He plays a doctor, but he acts more like a cop since he carries a gun around. He pretty much was there just to look badass I guess. Meh. Next to Edna Bolkan looking crazy/beautiful, I truly admired the creepy scenes of the movie. The creepy scenes where the woman in black appears, toys 'coming to life', and the creepy ass doll opening. The opening shows a creepy doll movin' while a lullaby plays. Ahh, I love that. As simple as it was, I just thought it was great. Definitely sets in the creepy/weird mood of the movie.

I was expecting Pesadilla Asesina to be this wild Supernatural Horror flick, but that's not what it was at all. It was just a simple Horror Thriller involving jealous & crazy/beautiful women. And despite it being something different from what I was expecting; I still really, really liked the movie. Mexican Horror fans like myself will definitely enjoy this movie. Grab a copy somewhere, amigos & amigas.  8/10.



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