Sunday, September 22, 2013

10 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over!!

More Trailers? Oh, YES! And these trailers are just plain Trashy & grainy as Hell. Well, one isn't really trashy but has plenty of grain in it though. Anyway, Enjoy! 

Riesgo De Muerte (1993)
Here's an interesting looking Miguel Marte movie. Typical shoot-em-up with Mario Almada, Martin Casanova, and Juan Gallardo. These are always fun to watch. Especially when they have a semi-random explosion scene.

Juego Violento (1994)
Valentin Trujillo and his chubby brother running around and firin' guns. Looks like a fun watch to me! 

Bailando Con La Mas Fea (1996)
I like how the trailer is all quirky then near the end it gets a little serious with Alfonso Zayas shooting someone. I take it he's playing a cop disguised as a bum?

Eva Secuestrada Y Adan Como Si Nada (1995)
This movie looks so great. That amazing cast, that New York cap, and that freakin' Paul McCartney shirt. GAH! Must. Watch. Someday.

Victimas De Un Asesino (1990)
I've seen this one and perhaps I'll review it one of these days. Claudia Guzman is so amazing in this movie.

Panama III: El Secuestro (????)
I didn't even know there was a part 2 a while back. Now I find out there's a part 3 of Panama: La Caida De Noriega??! WOW!

Como Fui Enamorarme De Ti (1991)
It's like I died and came back to life in 1991 Mexico. Read my review HERE

Entre El Poder y El Deseo (1993)
Miguel Angel Rodriguez directed this interesting looking crime/action flick. 

Las Viejas Del Patron (2003)
The internet says 2005, but I say 2003 since the tape I ripped this from a 2003 tape. Anyway, watch the late Jorge Luke being a a ladies man and a crime boss at the same time. Long Live Jorge Luke.

Pasion y Crimen En Juarez (2003)
I can't think of a Juarez Murders movie that is actually good. Perhaps this one could be good? Looks pretty bloody and it stars Juan Valentin. Juan Valentin most likely & annoyingly sings in the movie; but I'm open to watching the movie still.

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