Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was in the mood to watch something really brainless, cheap, and with lots of shooting. Out of all the movies I could of watched with those traits, I ended up watching the 2001 narco flick La Trocona Colorada (aka "The Red Pickup Truck").

La Trocona Colorada is honestly not about much. We got 2 compas (Jorge Aldama & Luis Michel) who are drug traffickers wearing large cowboy hats and carry guns full of ammo. The entire movie centers around their asses going around getting betrayed, shot at, and making drug deliveries. There's also a bunch of musical performances by a variety of bands with colorful outfits. Oh, and there is also a chubby ol' drug boss who sings by request of a little boy whom is also wearing a cowboy hat. Amazing. Sorta. Not really.

La Trocona Colorada is definitely a movie with no brains, a shit budget, and has a lot of pointless shooting scenes. Almost everyone in the movie also sports a cowboy hat. Even the women wear cowboy hats. Its just so weird. I mean I've seen plenty of cowboy hats in my day, but this was just ridiculous! You know what is more ridiculous? A cowboy hat with cow printings on it. You get to see one of those kinds of hats in this movie. A woman wears that hat. Weird, huh? Speaking of women in the movie; there's this strip club called "Boom Boom" where are our 2 compas go in to have a drink and look at some babes dancing around for pesos. It's a cheesy little scene that is admirable. God.

As for that Red Truck; It's so big and not all that red! It's got some white on it! You can't just go on and say its a full-blown red truck if it has some white on it! Come on now, filmmakers. Don't tease your audience by saying the truck in the movie is full-blown red, because it really isn't. Fuck.

Surprisingly this movie is 'hard to find'. Its not available at your typical online retail shops. I found my copy in a "8 pack" DVD set that was sold in the corner store by my house. Can you believe I found such a movie close to home and now I'm reviewing it? It's completely out of this world. Well, out of this world to me anyway. I bought the DVD last summer by the way. And just the other day I got around to playing the DVD. Cool.

La Trocona Colorada isn't all that Colorada. It's also mindless entertainment. It's one of those movies to watch while drinking with a bunch of mustache'd Mexican men who miss the early 90's and early 2000's. Look for a copy at your local corner store and uhhh, enjoy. Maybe? 3/10.

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