Thursday, June 20, 2013

8 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over! PLUS! SALVEMOS EL CINE MEXICANO.

More Mexi-Trash Trailers? Oh, fuck yes indeed!

Before the trailers; please watch this announcement from concerned home video producers. They want you to help them save El Cine Mexicano (Mexican Cinema).

Do what the announcement says and keep watching them legit Mexican tapes!

Okay, now here are the trailers. ENJOY!

Un Macho En La Carcel De Mujeres (1986)
Why do they call Alberto Rojas "El Caballo"? Watch the trailer and you shall know.

Ellos Trajeron La Violencia (1990)
Sasha Montenegro dressed up as a nun? Juvenile Delinquents? Claudia Guzman wearing red lipstick? Oh, I must see this someday! By the way, enjoy the mid-80's Mexcinema Video Corporation intro.

Colmillos: El Hombre Lobo (1993)
Rene Cardona III's werewolf epic. Read my review HERE

El Emperador De La Muerte (1995)
I watched this one last summer was bored out of my mind since the movie takes place in a dull-looking small town in Texas. Poor, poor Fernando Almada. I hope he at least got paid good for starring in this crap.

4 Cholas Desmadrosas (2000)
Well, at least the 'cholas' are hot looking.

La Banda Mochadedos 

Sin Pelos En La Lengua
Agustin Bernal having rough sex, young men smoking crack out of a beer can, music by Los Originales De San Juan playing in the background, and lots of cheap violence. Can it get anymore tacky?

El Capado Cagado (2002)
This trailer made me cry. The clips of the movie are so tacky and the song playing is simply beautiful. I'm very fond of the English part of the song, which goes:
"Listen to me, fucking shit. This fucking song is the last for you. You know what I mean? 
Fucking hoe. You suck it, suck it to me. You know?"

God Bless, Sacramento Ramirez for performing a beautiful Mexican song about shit, assholes, 'faggots', and having big balls.

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