Thursday, January 24, 2013

I had no idea what was going on.

In Homoti, a Turkish reporter drives around in an ATV, looks cool, and seems to be struggling to write a good report for a newspaper he works for. Struggling & all, he ends up acquiring 'realistic' looking flying saucers, throws em in the air, and snaps photos of them! By coincidence, a real flying saucer crashes down nearby. The flying saucer crashed because an alien named Homoti appears to be ill of something weird. The reporter guy feeling bad for Homoti, takes him back home so the ugly alien can recover and socialize with the reporter's strange looking family & friends.

From there, I didn't know what the fuck was going on in the movie. All I remember seeing was Homoti doing weird card tricks via late 80's computer graphics, some woman smiling in front of Homoti while he sits on the couch with a blanket over him, and Homoti 'crying' while watching the reporter guy having sex with his girlfriend. Homoti's crying looked more like he was smearing make-up all over his face..

Homoti is an awful movie. Sometimes I think if I understood it, I would not find the movie to be too awful. However, that is quite doubtful (very, very doubtful). What makes this movie so awful is that its not laughable since absolutely nothing funny happens. If anything, you'll just end up feeling uncomfortable since Homoti is clearly an ugly looking alien and walks around very creepy like. I shiver just at the thought of Homoti walking. I also shiver at the thought of Homoti 'crying'.

Fuck Homoti. Don't waste your time watching it. 1/10.


Dr Blood said...


While I'm here, though, do you know the name of what I think is a Brazilian rape film where the rapist and the girl talk to each other throughout the whole film while he's doing her?

I saw it reviewed by Barry Norman (on the BBC) way back in the early '80s so I assumed it was famous, but I've never been able to identify it. It seems like something that you'd watch though.

raculfright_13 said...

Never heard of such a movie but I'd like to (I guess!).

Dr Blood said...

Basically, the girl in it is absolutely gorgeous so that's why I want to see it.

The story is completely stupid (90 minutes inside her without cumming? No way!) and it's all talk and emotion as they share their lives, bond, and whatever within the bizarre situation.

I have no idea how it ends. Maybe it's a cop-out like it's a role play between boyfriend or girlfriend.. maybe it has a revenge twist... It's just really annoying that it hasn't cropped up somewhere.