Sunday, January 20, 2013

14 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over!!!!

Last time, it was 15, today it's 14 (WOW!). 3 of them that were too hot for YouTube thus explaining why there's Vimeo videos on this post.

Enjoy the trailers!

1. Asi Mata La Mafia (1990)
Well of course the 1st trailer had to be for a Miguel Marte movie and of course it had to have Paty California in it! Don't remember who Paty California is? Click Here to remember! 

2. Policia De Homicidios (1992)
I reviewed this one last year. Pretty decent voodoo killer movie with Sergio Goyri and lobster hungry Jorge Russek.

3. El Psicopata Asesino (1992)
Another one I reviewed last year. Agustin Bernal hypnotizes people to kill other people & Luis Gatica yells at Gerardo Albarran a lot. Intriguing, isn't it?

4. Yo No La Mate (1993)
Boring movie but the title is cool. Yo No La Mate in English is "I Didn't Kill Her"

Sergio Goyri DIDN'T KILL HER!

5. Hombres De Acero (1993)
Valentin Trujillo stars in this movie as a former action movie star who now trains young actors into becoming action stars themselves. The trailer is a lot better than the actual movie. Trust me.

6. Rencilla Mortal (1994)
Fernando Almada dressed as an Arab. Need I say more?

7. Donde Quedo La Bolita (1993)
Filmed in Bikini Color! COOL!

8. Transplante A La Mexicana (1990)
Alfonso Zayas with Eva Garbo & Lina Santos (not at the same time). Whoa!

9. Al Final De La Escalera (1997)
Time to get serious now (sorta). Roberto Flaco Guzman stars in this movie as a man who has a terrible drinking problem and tries to overcome it. This is not a Christian movie. Whoooa!

10. Las Sobrinas Del Diablo (1983)
Saw some of this on tv a while back. It is extremely cheesy, but it has Cornelio Reyna and Rosa Gloria Chagoyan. I love them both dearly so much.

11. Los Gatilleros Del Diablo (1983)
Appears to be some sort of follow up to Las Sobrinas Del Diablo. Looks entertaining.

12. Sexo Vs. Sexo (1983)
Lots of bush in this trailer. LOTS & LOTS OF BUSH. Enjoy.

13. El Sexo Me Da Risa (1979)
More bush & boobs & laughs.

14. El Sexo Sentido (1981)
Everyone is naked in this movie. I wouldn't be surprised if the film crew making this movie were naked as well.

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