Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crack Is Wack.

Crack Cocaine: A highly addictive drug with 'strange side effects'.

Meet Esther. A nice pretty girl who ends up meeting the wrong kind of people in the wrong kind of place (a cheap motel room). When Esther is given crack cocaine through a friend of a friend's, she becomes addicted to the nasty ass drug! Her addiction only worsens as time goes by, Esther then leaves home to live with a drug dealer who will give her all the crack she wants in exchange to do whatever he wants to her. One night after sleeping with the dealer and taking a hit of crack, Esther's pretty face becomes green & monstrous and ends up brutally killing the dealer in his own bed. Esther is now a crack addicted monster who will kill anyone she encounters. She needs help. Lots of it. Her only hope for help is her poor mother and a couple of cops who don't get along for some reason.

Neighbor Hoodz (aka "Devil Snow") is a must see SOV drug oddity. Oh sure, it is kinda boring at first but once Esther becomes a mean ol' crack monster, the movie gets pretty damn entertaining and bloody. However, the movie will probably get you depressed though since Esther is such a tragic character. She's all full of life and innocent at first, then that innocence of hers gets taken away by a piece of shit drug. Gosh, how sad...

SOV. Depressing. Cheap. Ghetto. Bloody. Like all that? Check out Neighbor Hoodz then. You'll dig it. 5/10.

Thanks to my buddy Grant for providing me a copy of this movie! Yay!

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