Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scared To Death by a lot of weird things.

A girl named Nadia and her boyfriend enter a cabin in the woods. Next thing you know, a grizzly bear enters the cabin and murders the 2 young lovers. When Nadia's father Ruben (a martial instructor) finds out by the Secret Service that his daughter appears to be missing and her boyfriend was found dead, he immediately gathers up his best students and heads out to the town where his daughter was last seen at to find her. When Ruben & students enter the town, they encounter sleazy bikers, kick each other's asses, then confront the Secret Service agents once again. Apparently, these Secret Service guys are corrupt! Then that damn grizzly bear appears once again and kills off some of Ruben's students.

Now where in the hell is Nadia you ask? Her lifeless body is now in the arms of a strange man named Nestor. Nestor is fond of Nadia because she reminds him so much of his lost love "Beatriz". Beatriz has come back to him he says, but really it's not even her... It's just a dead corpse of an innocent teenage girl. Nestor is not only being a necrophiliac, he also appears to have strange crazed men as slaves down a basement. The killer grizzly bear is also down there. Why the fuck does Nestor have such weird shit down a basement? I have no idea, but it is pretty fucking weird! Once the crazies from the basement escape, they kill off a bunch of people living nearby & Ruben fights the grizzly bear with a chainsaw.

All that weirdness happens in Terror A La Muerte. SERIOUSLY.

Terror A La Muerte (aka "Scared To Death") is pretty fucking weird but very fun! Man, I really love this movie. It has everything I'm fascinated with! Like: Lost love, necrophilia, a killer grizzly, crazy fuckers with chainsaws, & cheesy martial arts action. Then it's also SOV! Bilingual too! (English & in Spanish)

Terror A La Muerte is a must watch. If you want SOV Horror and Mexican Madness at the same time, then this is the movie to watch. Get it! GET IT! 8/10.