Tuesday, October 30, 2012

People getting killed and Luis Gatica yelling at my face.

In El Psicopata Asesino (aka "The Psychopathic Murderer"), innocent people are getting killed. The murders are being committed by hypnotized dudes and dudettes. Who's hypnotizing these people? I believe it is knit sweater wearing Dr. Molina (Agustin Bernal) hypnotizing these poor people. Why is he doing this? I guess he's just crazy even though he is supposed to be helping people not go crazy (he's a psychiatrist). Is the police trying to capture the murder(s)? Well of course! One particular cop named Mario (Gerardo Albarran) is working hard to capture the killer(s) but damn, Mario just can't get a break once in a while since his girlfriend nags at him and his boss (Luis Gatica) yells at him for every little thing involving these murders. Man, I'd seriously hate to be Mario right now!

Intense murders committed by hypnotized people, drive-by shootings, a fight in a rooftop with Agustin Bernal, Luis Gatica yelling, and Roxana Chavez lookin' fine. Yeah, El Psicopata Asesino is alright I guess. Kinda slow in the middle but it gets better once the movie comes to an end since that's where the real good action happens.

If you're looking for Mexican Horror, click HERE, HERE, and HERE. if you want a Mexican action/thriller, then check out El Psicopata Asesino. It's worth watching once in a great while. Really, it is. Don't be shy now, go for it. 4/10.