Thursday, June 28, 2012

13 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over & over!!!

Last month, I brought you 17 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over. Today I bring you 13! Tomorrow, I'll bring you 13 more!

                                                   FUUUCK YES! ENJOY THEM!

El Homicida (1990)
Sebastian Ligarde is at his best in this movie. He's mean and oh so sleazy!

Jovenes Delincuentes (1991)
I have this one. Haven't watched it yet but it does look pretty good! MEXICAN JUVENILE DELINCUENTS FTW!

La Mujer Judicial (1990)
This one is great. Olivia Collins guns down a group of chicks, there's corrupt cops, Mario Almada is her father figure, and a chubby cheeked boy comes in to her life. Ahhh, wonderful!

Traicion A La Media Noche (1990)
Such an awesome looking movie! Diana Ferreti shoots down a fat guy! AHH!

Ciudad Sin ley (1990)
This one looks amazing. Too amazing. Look at Edna Bolkan! WOWZA! I will get this movie! Watch!

La Caida De Noriega (1990)
A trashy Mexican movie about Manuel Noriega. Looks good!

Calles Sangrientas (1990)
Also known as "Siete En La Mira 3" (not related to the first 2 movies), this movie is basically a Mexican Class of 1984. It's fantastic! There's lots of fighting, rapes, bloody murders and robberies. These punks are crazy!

Caminantes Si Hay Caminos (1991)
Los Caminantes + over the top violence = Your Mexican Dad's wet dream! If you got a Mexican dad, this movie will entertain him big time!

La Guerrera Vengadora 2 (1992)
Rosa Gloria Chagoyan is seriously the coolest. Hot too.

Lola La Trailera 3 (El Gran Reto) (1991)
the last Lola La Trailera movie. I dig it! It's great.

La Fuerza Bruta (1991)
Looks rather dull but it's got a great cast though.

Mafia De Verdugos (1990)
Very promising looking!

Cuervo El Destructor (1991)
Such a badass looking movie! I need this movie in my life! I love how the narrator says "check this movie out on video or go see it at your favorite movie theater". Did anyone actually see this movie at their favorite movie theater?! If you have, please let me know how that was!

Alright folks, tomorrow you get to see 13 more Mexi-Trash trailers! Hope you enjoy them!

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