Monday, May 28, 2012

17 Mexi-Trash Trailers To Watch Over and Over!!

Last time, I showed 10 Mexi-Trash trailers. Now, I bring you 17 Mexi-Trash Trailers To Watch Over and Over! These trashy trailers will make you feel dirty, ugly, weird, stupid, pervy, and macho. Enjoy em!

El Vuelo De La Muerte (1991)
Airplane hijacking, Cuba, and Terrorism. This is definitely trashy as fuck!

Mision Sangrienta (1990)
Lots of shooting and crashing in just 30 seconds! GREAT!

Maton A Sueldo (Tijeras) (1991)
You know what sucks? Having your daughter kidnapped by a gang of punks. You know what else sucks? Fighting a gang of punks while wearing a trench coat! Poor Miguel Angel Rodriguez

P.S. Say No To Piracy!!!

La Huella De Un Asesino (1991)
From the director of 38 Especial, Miguel Marte now brings you another trashy action/slasher movie! LA HUELLA DE UN ASESINO! Like the narrator of the trailer says: "THE BEST MARIO ALMADA MOVIE!"

El Calibre De La Venganza (1992)
Miguel Marte, why are some of your action movies so badass? Btw, where the hell are you?!?! I'm your biggest fan! Get in touch with me! Please!

Escape A La Muerte (1990)
So Damn Trashy & Mean!

Tirando A Matar (1991)
Pregnant chick getting beat up. Pregnant chick in the middle of gun battles. Miguel Marte! You once again go overboard! YES!

Una Norteña Bravia (Muerte En El Hipodromo) (1993)
So damn 90's. 

La Gallera (1988)
Classy looking crime movie with lots of rooster fights, mariachi music, and sombreros. Swell!

Palenque (1990)
Remember La Revancha? Crazy trailer, huh? Well, La Revancha is a sequel to Palenque. I have a copy of Palenque on VHS (a big box too!) and I must say, it's one sleazy little movie. Not too sleazy, but it is sleazy enough to make you feel uncomfortable at times.

Dos Cruces En El Ocaso (1991)
Even in the small pueblos in Mexico, there's sleaze & violence.

Duelo De Gatilleros (1991)
Half Western movie, Half Mafia movie? Looks good!

Secuestro A Mano Armada (1992)
Kidnapping Drama. Looks great.

Lucrecia: Cronica De Un Secuestro (????)
This looks interesting! Teenage guys kidnap a stripper and then they all become friends (with benefits) with her. Cool!

Un Macho En El Hotel (1988)
What can I say? This looks like loads of fun and Alberto Rojas "El Caballo" is always funny!

Fotografo De Modelos (1990)
Pedro Weber "Chatanuga" rules. Cesar Bono is king. a blonde Eva Garbo in white lingerie... Oh my!

Un Instante Para Morir (El Asesino Del Zodiaco) (1993)
Classy looking thriller with an amazing cast. This one I must see!

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