Friday, April 6, 2012

Quien Tiene La Mente Criminal?

Andres (Jorge Luke) and Gabriela (Maritza Olivares) have just gotten married! After having a quirky little wedding, the newlyweds move into a house near the beach. The house is nice but it's a tad awkward though since a crazy guy named Tomas lives in the basement and every single day he stalks Gabriela from a far because he's in love with her (awwww...). Right when Andres and Gabriela settle in their new home, promiscuous women are found brutally murdered near the beach. Who could be committing these terrible murders? Could it be philandering Andres? Gabriela's hot blonde friend? The porn star looking plumber? Tomas?

Mente Criminal (aka "Criminal Mind") is a fun little Mexican slasher involving romance, sex, & cheating. The plot is okay, my only complaint about it is the fact that the killer's identity is pretty much revealed in the first 10-15 minutes of the movie. These little hints we get (aka childhood flashbacks)  pretty much say "this certain person is the killer, not Tomas!". Speaking of Tomas, I feel bad for the guy. He's not right in the head, he can't talk good, and he's in love with someone he can never have. Poor, poor Tomas!!

Even though there's little blood shown, some of the kills are pretty brutal. The most brutal kill would be the 'hammer to the head' since its really graphic and nasty. The other brutal kill would be the 'slit throat'. Its quickly done, but it is gruesome since lots of blood drips in the bathroom sink!

To my surprise, there is great nudity in the movie! Maritza Olivares is topless in one scene, in other scenes she shows off her nice legs and booty (yes!). The actress that plays Gabriela's hot blonde friend gets fully nude in a sex scene with Jorge Luke! If you're a lady and love Jorge Luke, then you're in a for a treat since Luke's bare ass is shown in the sex scene! Haha!... Uhhh.... Eww.

Like slashers? Like Luke? Like Maritza Olivares? Like seeing mentally challenged people fall in love? Check out Mente Criminal then. It's cool. 6/10.

For more Jorge Luke & Maritza Olivares, check out Maxima Violencia!!!!!

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