Saturday, February 18, 2012

Angels of Death.

So lately, a bunch of typical 1990's promiscuous Mexican men have been brutally murdered. Who could be committing these brutal murders? Transsexual hooker, perhaps? Nah uh! It's actually two hot chicks. These hot chicks are sisters. These hot chicks are mean and extremely deadly. Vengeful too. You see, when these two chicks were small girls, they witnessed their parents being murdered & these murderers raped the 2 girls afterwards. Now, these sisters are avenging their parent's deaths by murdering a bunch of promiscuous men they find in night clubs. Hopefully a badass cop played by Jorge Reynoso will capture these crazy sisters!

Angeles De La Muerte (aka "Angels of Death") is such a fun movie. It's bloody, funny, sexy, and badass. Patricia Rivera and Diana Ferreti are excellent in this movie. They do a great job playing crazy chicks that kill sleazy men. They both look pretty fucking hot too. Especially Diana. Mmmm... You gotta love her poofy hair & sexy smile! The killings are great. They got enough blood to satisfy a crazed gorehound. Of course, I sorta wish these crazy sisters used other sharp objects instead of knives. The knives tend to get boring after a kill or two. A chainsaw would of been very nice. Machetes too. As usual, the leading man of this Mexican movie is a badass. This badass is Jorge Reynoso. He may be chubby looking in this movie, but he's still strong, badass, and sleeping with an attractive woman. Go Jorge!

As I said before, Angeles De La Muerte is fun. It never gets boring. It is entertaining from start to finish. If you like these kinds of 90's Mexican horror movies and haven't seen this one, then I suggest you look for a copy because I know damn well you will dig the crap out of it. 7/10.

                                                 VHS cover found at El Norte Sleazy Picture Show

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