Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over and over!

Last year, I showed you 5 Mexi-Trash trailers. This year, more than 5 will be shown. For now, here's 5 (haha!) trailers! Wowza!

Mujer De Cabaret (1991)
Maribel Guardia stars in this telenovela styled trash. She's dances, sings, and looks good! She's also been framed for murder! Wowza!

Al Caer La Noche (1992)
Been wanting to see this one for quite a while. Looks good, eh?

Vacaciones De Terror 2 (1991)
Pedro Fernandez with a brillo mullet ponytail, Tatiana looking gorgeous (!!!!!!), splatter, gore, etc. Good shit right here! Read my review HERE

Jack El Vigilante (1990)
Saw this one on tv last year. Didn't enjoy it much since it's quite dull. It does have good action though.

El Asesino Del Metro (1991)
I like this movie. Jorge Luke is in it, Jorge Reynoso too, and Lina Santos as well. Lina looks absolutely sexy in this movie! Wowza! A great Mexi-Giallo to watch at night. You can buy a DVD copy of this movie at amazon for only 99 cents (plus shipping)!

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