Thursday, October 27, 2011

100 Cries of Terror!

Here we are with another Horror Anthology. This time however, only 2 spooky stories are told and they take place in wonderful Mexico.

A man and his pretty wife (played by Joaquin Cordero and the beautiful Ariadna Welter) move into their new home, which is an old mansion with a terrifying past. All of a sudden, cries of terror and chains rattling are heard through out the mansion, this scares the wife very much and this causes her to get terrible chest pains. The man leaves the mansion to get a doctor for his wife, then all of a sudden (again), the cries of terror are heard, but this time a ghost appears in front of the wife and scares her to death. Well, it turns out this ghost is actually a woman in disguise! This woman is the man's mistress. They had planned to kill the wife and succeeded at doing it. When the man and his mistress go back inside the mansion... The wife's body is gone, cries of terror are once again heard, and things start to move around by themselves. Perhaps a real ghost is doing this? Panico is AMAZING. The ghost costume is beautiful. I dig it! The cries of terror are loud and creepy.  And of course, the ending is satisfying. Panico is damn amazing.

Miedo Supremo
A doctor from New York arrives somewhere in Mexico to visit an old girlfriend's tomb to pay his final respects. The doctor taking his time, is all of a sudden locked in the crypt. Not knowing what to do, he stays their patiently but then he starts to hear a woman calling for help thru a tomb. The doctor breaks the tomb, and frees the woman from the coffin she was put into. Turns out she's still alive and shes very, very troubled. Will the man and the woman survive the night in that crypt? Miedo Supremo is a bit too long but there are some interesting parts. It has it's creepy moments since it is ridiculously dark in that crypt, and the way the woman acts is very unsettling. You don't know what she might say next or what she might do to the poor ol' doctor.

Two spooky stories that are worth checking out. Both stories have their creepy moments and great endings. A DVD copy of this movie can be found at dollar stores. so if you ever see it, please grab it. Even you don't speak Spanish, You'll like it anyway. 5/10.

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