Monday, September 12, 2011

Trashy 90's Christian Videohomes: A Small Tribute to Paco Del Toro.

Ahhh, the 90's. Those were the days... That was the decade filled with great tv shows, great fashion (ha!), and great movies. Okay, so maybe the movies weren't so great, especially the Mexican ones since most of those were videohomes (straight to video) with the usual actors and storylines (Revenge, Drug Trafficking, Horror, Sex Comedy). However, there was a man by the name of Paco Del Toro that made a unique kind of videohome, a Christian themed videohome! These Christian videohomes are pretty fucking odd since they have over the top violence and the actors in these movies were usually in action movies! It's odd seeing Jorge Reynoso preaching to a child and Patricia Rivera doing drugs & finding God. Seriously, it's weird seeing these legends in a Christian movie! WEIRD!

 So, here's 4 Paco Del Toro videohomes from the 90's that are trashy, sleazy, and weird. ENJOY.

Presecucion Infernal aka Infernal Persecution (1992)
This is the first Paco Del Toro movie I watched. Since this being the first, I had no idea it was a Christian movie since the box cover is very horror inspired. Presecucion Infernal is a very dull movie about satanism and guys with mullets running around. Yeah, It's very boring but it does have some great scenes involving a satanic cult doing sacrifices and getting people possessed by demons. There is also a hilarious scene involving "Stairway to Heaven" and "Another One Bites The Dust" being played backwards. Can you guess what preacher man and mullet boy #1 can hear in these songs? Haha, well let me tell you... Another One has a message saying to smoke weed and Stairway is saying something about the devil. Rock music is evil! They have messages that make you do bad stuff. Don't listen to it! Don't!

SIDA: Sindrone De Muerte aka AIDS: Death Syndrome (1993)
 In SIDA, a wealthy playboy goes around partying with friends and banging attractive women. Then one day, he finds out he's got AIDS. His life is over now and people around him are being super cruel to him, especially his brother in law aka 90's Paranoid Mexican Father.

You see, 90's Mexican Paranoid Father is of course Paranoid because in his opinion, AIDS can be caught like a cold. So, he keeps his daughter away from her sick uncle and burns plastic cups that might have AIDS on em'. Gosh, I really admire 90's Mexican Paranoid Father! He dresses hip. He's paranoid like me. He has a cool haircut. He most likely listens to Grupo Oxygeno still. And he mostly likely cried like a small child when Dos Mujeres, Un Camino ended. Ahh, where are you now 90's Mexican Paranoid Father? Do you think AIDS is still contagious? Do you think we're still in the 90's? And do you still wear those amazing thick glasses? 90's Mexican Paranoid Father, please get in touch with me. I really want you to be part of Blogo Trasho.

Thanks, raculfright_13.

Anywho, so you know, Mr. Playboy has AIDS now. He's giving up hope until a young man (who also has AIDS) helps him believe in God again. SIDA ends sad but it's still a great movie to watch. By the way, the chicks in the movie are pretty hot. Them Mexican chicks from the 90's sure knew how turn a man on!

Hades, Vida Despues De La Muerte aka Hades, Life After Death (1993) 
A couple are hit by a truck. The chick dies and her soul goes to Heaven. The guy is in critical condition but his soul is still on Earth wandering around and remembering bad stuff he used to do when he was still alive. Then there's demons from Hell tearing up people and looking creepy. Yeah, this is a gory Christian movie. Too bad I don't like it because it is so boring and soooo annoying..

Mujer De La Calle aka Street Walker (1994)
Now this is a Trashy Christianity movie! The wonderful Patricia Rivera stars in this movie as Chelo, a drug addicted hooker that lives a terrible life. Her pimp (played by Miguel Angel Rodriguez) beats her, her johns are jerks, and even though she never shows, she's got a baby on the way! Eventually, Chelo has the baby and decides to better herself by becoming a Christian. Mujer De La Calle is pretty trashy and fucked up. The look and feel of the movie is not nice, and when we look back at Chelo's life... Eeeshh.. The poor woman had a terrible childhood. This one is brutal but it ends happy at least.