Thursday, September 22, 2011

Terror In The Neighborhoods.

Poor little Pedro. He witnessed his hooker mom get killed. Fortunately, a rich woman adopts him and raises him right. Now, Pedro is a successful laywer and is engaged to be married to a wealthy teenage cutie. Pedro is living the good life til he witnesses a play that is like his terrible childhood. The play brings back the memory of him seeing his awful mother being killed by a rotten man. This memory makes him angry at prostitutes and dirty old men from the "Barrios" aka "Bad Neighborhoods". So, Pedro being angry and all, dresses up in weird costumes and brutally kills prostitutes & dirty old men. The ones from the barrios of course!

Terror en Los Barrios (aka "Terror In The Neighborhoods") is crazy. The good kind too. It's not every day we see a man dressed like a hooker killing dirty old men and then scaring a naked teenage cutie with a Halloween mask. That is just fucking crazy!!! As crazy as it sounds, the violence in the movie is not too brutal, it sounds brutal but when you see it, it's nothing shocking. Theres some nudity, but just two boob shots and a busty cabaret dancer that never fully undresses (sigh).

For a crazy looking movie, the sex and violence is a tad mild. That sorta disappoints me but I'll accept it. Terror En Los Barrios is quite rare. There was two VHS releases for it, one in the 80's and the other in 2000, no DVD was ever released. Lucky for me though, I acquired the 80's tape in great condition. I feel lucky owning this entertaining rarity. It is definitely worth a look if it's found. 6/10.