Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Of The Mexican Woman.

After being raped and humiliated by rich & snobby college kids, a young housekeeper (Evangelina Sosa) decides to get revenge on all those snobby college kids that messed with her. She wants them all to die a brutal death. The first guy gets his neck broken, second guy gets overheated in his sauna, third dude falls off some stairs, and.... I'd tell you the rest of the deaths, but nah... I dont want to spoil the whole movie.

Jovenes Perversos (aka "Perverted Youth") is not only a revenge movie, it's also a Youth Gone Wild movie. Before any of these snobby kids get killed, we see them doing drugs, getting into fights, and being spoiled by their odd but wealthy parents. Oh, and they also have sex. Lots of it! The movie also focuses on the vengeful housekeeper's love interest, who plays guitar and sings shitty songs. My goodness, and I thought I was a bad musician (which I'm not)... This guy (Edgardo Gazcon) is fucking awful. His songs are not (I repeat, not) romantic at all. Why the vengeful housekeeper loves this songs, I will never know....

In Jovenes Perversos, certain scenes drag on for a while and it is fucking ridiculous. The acting was pretty awful, but it doesn't matter really. The story is good, I can't deny that. Too bad the ending is a bummer and done very poorly! A better ending would of been nice, but probably expensive since this movie is extremely low budget. You can get a DVD copy of this movie for a dollar at any website (Amazon, ebay, etc.). Instead of wasting a buck on a small burger, buy Jovenes Perversos on DVD. You might regret it, but at least you can have it as long as you want. Unlike a small burger...Which can be finished in one shitty bite. 5/10.

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