Saturday, July 9, 2011

They are Drug Trafficking Nuns!

In small Mexican towns, there's always some stupid folk tale going around that is about a couple of chicks (or more) that decide to make big money by selling homemade drugs to rich people. Of course, they dress up as nuns so they can look less threatening and so they can not be searched by boarder patrol whenever they have to cross the boarder. I often wonder if there is such thing as a "Drug Trafficking Nun" since there's quite a lot of movies based on this old folk tale.... If anyone can confirm there is such a thing as a "Drug Trafficking Nun", please let me know. Thanks.

In Monjas Narcotraficantes (Drug Trafficking Nuns), a (very hot) woman and her daughter pretend to be nuns and sell cocaine to jerk offs. When a local drug lord hears that he's got competition, he sends out his best dudes to find out who they are. The best dudes find out it's nuns doing this, they laugh, and take off to tell their boss about this. Then after that, the movie gets a little (stupid) dramatic when we find out the (very hot) woman was once with the local drug lord.

This movie could of been better if more effort was put into it. Don't get me wrong, it is an entertaining movie, but the movie ends up getting kinda crappy in the middle. The acting was pretty terrible, the old man that played the drug lord is awful as fuck, Vicky Palacios (the very hot woman) is terrible but it didn't matter since she showed off her goods. I guess that's why she was hired for this role? There's somwhat over the top violence and I like it, especially the parts with Agustin Bernal using gasoline tanks as bombs. Theres' also a pretty decent gun battle in the end.

This movie is available at Wal-Mart, it's in the 5 dollar bin. Check it out if you want. 4/10.