Sunday, March 27, 2011

Channi - The Sinful Doll from Mumbai.

Like I've said millions of times here before, I'm a fan of killer doll movies. There's the Child's Play movies and Herencia Diabolica. Now, to add to my favorite killer doll movies list... I add Papi Gudia (The Sinful Doll).

Papi Gudia is just like Child's Play, there's this killer on the loose, he's being chased around by police, then after getting shot, he puts his own soul in a cheap doll at a toy store. From there he meets up with a young boy that now owns the possessed doll and he admires it very much, the doll's name by the way is Channi, which obviously sounds like "Chucky" but in Hindi. Anywho, so you know, the doll kills people that piss him off, cops believe it's the kid but the kids says it's the doll and, well, I'm sure you know how the rest goes. Since this is an Indian movie, it has music and dancing. Awesome music and dancing.

I liked Papi Gudia, It's a really fun movie and oh so weird. I liked the doll in the movie, sure it's cheap looking but it does have a little creepy look on its face. I also find it funny that a little boy would want a girly looking doll, Haha. So, if you like killer dolls and amazing music, this is a movie for you. Seriously. Watch It! 7/10.