Monday, September 27, 2010

Stuck in "Hell's Trap".

Hell's Trap is like Friday the 13th mixed with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Why? Well, this movie takes place in a wooded area, the killer's name starts with a "J" (For Jesse!) and Jesse uses finger blades to kill girls like Freddy Krueger does.

Hell's Trap (also known as Trampa Infernal) is about a group of youngsters going to the woods to hunt down a bear, apparently this "Bear" has been killing a lot of people so the city is offering a big cash reward for it's head, so these youngsters buy weapons and have a little fun in the woods while searching for the killer bear. Thing is though, this bear is no bear at all, it is actually a Vietnam Vet by the name of "Jesse" who apparently went insane during the war and I guess decided to live in Mexico to kill people, so from there we see Jesse killing a couple of girls with his finger blades and shooting guys with arrows and bullets. It's a pretty cool movie because it mixes Horror and War nicely, it's funny too because Pedro Fernandez's girlfriend in the movie brutally punches a couple of her friends and Charley Valentino's character (that's just like himself) smells food from far away and looks goofy.

Slasher fans will love this movie, it has an awesome killer, great kills and hot chicks. Watch it! 8/10.